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Today, there are many different reservation systems via the Internet - air tickets, hotels, real estate rental. However, it is still difficult to order in this way everyday services - a visit to a hairdresser, a car service center or a sports hall.

To order these services, in most cases today, a telephone call is still in use. However, the master can not always answer. The master is busy with the client, the hands of the master - the auto mechanic, the hairdresser - usually hold the tool. The master has to call the client back, or the client has to call again. But very often again, someone can not talk - a client, or a master.

The goal of the Servzz project is to provide the masters, specialists with a computer assistant who takes orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And customers - the opportunity to make an order at any time convenient to them using the mobile application Servzz, or here on the site.

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