License Agreement

License agreement

The license agreement for the use of software products and / or online services is binding on all users of this system. Your registration as a user signifies your full acceptance of this Agreement.


License (Agreement) - this License Agreement for the use of Software products and / or Online Services Online Services is a combination of Software products and Operator's hardware, access to which is provided to Users.

Operator - “Riesta Int OÜ”, Peterburi tee 47, 11415 Tallinn.

User - a natural or legal person who created an account on

A specialist is a user who has created a profile with information about his services for ordering them by other users.

The client is a user reserving the services of Specialists.

SERVZZ software products - SERVZZ software solutions complex, as well as all its subsequent updates and modifications intended for use on desktop and pocket personal computers, mobile phones, communicators, smartphones - except software tools, libraries and solutions developed by other software and hardware manufacturers .

Database - a data structure that stores information about users of the system, specialists, their location and services. It includes data that users of the system indicated about themselves at the time of registering or changing their user profile and / or specialist. As well as information about orders made by Users (but does not store credit card information) and technical information about the actions of users on the Resource.

Site - Internet site hosted on the domain at

Mobile application - SERVZZ mobile application.

Data protection - data protection is carried out in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the EU), namely Directive 95/46. Personal data of the user can be transferred only to state structures vested with the relevant powers only by their written request and in cases provided by law.

1. Collection and processing of personal data
Personal data is data that SERVZZ collects for business partners, depending on the context of the business relationship and the interaction of the partner and SERVZZ, the decisions made by the business partner and the products, services and functions used by it. The personal data that SERVZZ collects in relation to business partners may include the following information (depending on the specific situation, not all of the following information may be considered personal data, as it may relate to a legal entity and not to an individual):

Personal data you provide to us:

- Contact details
We collect contact information for a business partner, such as name / surname, date of birth (if necessary), work email address, mailing address, telephone and fax number.

- Financial data
We collect payment information, including billing information, such as your bank details, bank account number, and TIN / tax number.

- Verification data
As part of the registration process, may request from a business partner (or its representatives) a copy of an identity card or passport, photograph, video or other relevant information necessary to confirm his identity.

- Other
SERVZZ collects and processes the communication that goes to SERVZZ. Conversations with our support center can be monitored in real time or recorded for quality control and further training, which includes the use of records to review complaints and detect fraud. The records are kept for a limited period of time and are deleted automatically if SERVZZ does not have legal grounds to keep them for a longer period, including for the purpose of investigating cases of fraud and for legal purposes.

Other data that we collect automatically
When you use the online services of or the Servzz application, SERVZZ automatically collects information that may contain personal data. These include language settings, IP address, location, device and operating system information, logins, login times, the requested URL, browser version and system status reports, the result of visiting the site (viewing data or booking ), search history, reservation number and type of data viewed.

When you use the services of SERVZZ, we (as well as our partners) use various technologies for collecting and storing information that may involve the use of cookies and the like to recognize your Internet browser or device. SERVZZ uses data technology to collect and store data for the purpose of addressing advertising. When